Networking your technology is fast becoming a necessity if you manage a business from home - easy to say but not always easy to do. Are you building a new home or retrofitting an old one? Should you choose Ethernet, wireless, or phone line connections?
"Home-based entrepreneurs lead the
way in finding networking solutions"

House Of Business
February, 2001

"Working at Home Today?"
NY Times
November 2, 2000
Harriet Donnelly, president of Technovative Marketing, a public relations firm, directs 23 employees, all of whom, like Ms. Donnelly, work from home. Ms. Donnelly said her employees all preferred the flexibility of working from home. One employee, she said, had set up her schedule so that she could ride her horse in the morning before starting work. "If someone wants to stop at 2 p.m. to take their child to a soccer game, as long as they take a cell phone or call in every hour and a half for their messages, that's fine," she said.

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J.--Harriet Donnelly is a digital nomad. She lives in this New Jersey suburb and heads Technovative, a thriving high-tech marketing firm. But her business has no physical office. Each of her company's 100 employees or regular contractors --dispersed across the nation --works independently from home or hotel room. Most have never met, except online or in conference calls.

"The Place That Tech Forgot"
LA Times
Thursday, October 19, 2000

"New Logos at 3Com and Dell"
Technology Advertising Report
September 11, 2000
Harriet Donnelly, president of Technovative Marketing, believes that's exactly the point. "3Com has their act together. Their strategy was well thought out, not done overnight. It's all part of a bigger picture we're not aware of right now."